My name is Amy Weiland

I was born in 1972 in Wiesbaden, West Germany (when there was a West Germany). I was an Air Force Brat and have moved 36 times in my life. My husband Tim and I live in Las Vegas. We have five grown children and eight grandchildren.

Things I love....

My family. My friends. My faith. Diet Coke. Wonder Woman. Sleeping Beauty. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Movies. Naps. Candy. My iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Glitter. Mexican Food. Caramel. Crushed Ice.


Why freckles+FONTS?

Freckles and Fonts was born because to me, those are two of the most beautiful things in the world.

The freckles on my kids little noses and on their shoulders after being in the sun. My husbands forearms with the intricate patterns of light brown and strawberry angel kisses.

Someone used to call me “freckles” as an insult.  I still feel bad for her.  That was her insult game? Weak.

I think the Postal Service has it right in their song “Such Great Heights”

I am thinking it’s a sign 

That the freckles in our eyes

Are mirror images and when

We kiss they’re perfectly aligned.

And then there’s the fonts!! Oh man! The shape of a letter or word can invoke such different emotions.  Tall and thin, short and squatting, filled or fine.  They are as numerous and diverse as the millions of people on our fair planet.  I love to play with the shapes and lines and curves to create just the right expression.

I am the freckles behind the fonts. Thanks for your support!